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Translation Service Management System Policy

Littera Sr Translation Agency d.o.o. (hereafter Organization) operates as a translation service provider. The goal of the Organization is to gain clients' trust and provide business satisfaction by offering quality and timely services, thereby becoming a recognizable brand in the domestic and foreign market.

This is achieved through:

  • Fully understanding and fulfilling clients' demands and expectations in order to provide business satisfaction;

  • Following relevant regulations and synchronizing business operations with applicable laws, regulations and standards;

  • Providing necessary technical and information resources;

  • Constant improvement of human resources through continuous training and professional improvement of the employees and subcontractors;

  • Stable financial operation and providing necessary existential conditions for our employees;

  • Consistent application and improvement of the translation service management system;

  • Reducing the number of clients' complaints and objections and improving their business satisfaction;

  • Consistent application and periodical re-evaluation of the Policy's adequacy.

All employees are obliged to implement, maintain and improve the instituted Translation Service Management System in accordance with the
ISO 17100 Standard, in order to provide Organization's continued successful operation.

This Policy will become effective upon publication, will be printed in English and Serbian, distributed to all employees, as well as posted on the Organization's websi​te. All employees are obliged to act according to and implement the Policy in keeping with their respective authorizations and responsibilities.

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