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For over 15 years we have been providing translation services of the highest quality for renowned companies all over the world.


Our main goal is not only to translate accurately but to adjust the text in a way that users feel it is written in their native language.

To ensure the highest quality of translation, our core team works closely with a wide network of well-trained and highly professional translators, reviewers, and editors.

The communication with clients is handled by our offices in Niš, Serbia, by a team of dedicated managers.


Who We Are
Our History

We are not a group of anonymous translators with only email addresses to stand for their identity, but a dedicated team of professionals who meet on a day to day basis to solve different problems and challenges.


We know and respect each other, and we work towards a common goal of providing linguistic services of the highest quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can organize a call via Skype or Hangout, to agree on a specific approach to your localization requirements.

Littera Sr Translation company was created in 2003.


During the following years, the company managed to employ in-house translators, create a wide network of freelance language professionals and create a stable and efficient workflow ensuring accurate and timely delivery.

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