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Each year, we translate millions of words, working on highly demanding projects with our teams of experienced linguists. We translate website texts, marketing materials, technical manuals, legal documents, medical documentation, apps and much more. All this is possible due to the highly skilled team of in-house and freelance translators we have gathered over the past 12 years.

 ​Our translation agency is proud to cooperate with around 150 linguists who reside in the countries where their language is spoken. The vast majority of our translators have BA/MA in translation or linguistic studies, or they have a degree in their field of expertise. They undergo a rigorous testing process and receive regular quality feedback and evaluation from our most experienced reviewers.


 We also conduct regular training for our translators to ensure they are fully familiar with all new translation processes and tools, as well as new developments in their area of expertise.

Areas of Specialization

All major European languages, including the languages of this region: Serbian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Macedonian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Bosnian...​

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