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Life Sciences

Medical content needs to be understood without any issues by users and patients across the globe. It requires accuracy, knowledge and multiple levels of quality control.

To provide the highest quality of medical translation into Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Montenegrin, Littera Sr has an excellent project management process in place. It involves employing qualified professional translators who specialize in medicine and using medical experts as advisors during work.

We first translate the glossary of key terms to insure the consistency of terminology thoroughout the text, and then use CAT tools during work. Not only will this improve overall quality, it will also save you money.

We provide
Recent Projects
  • Clinical research/trials translations

  • Instruction manual translations for medical devices

  • Pharmaceutical translations

  • Healthcare translation​

  • ​Localization of JustSmile website into English (dental medicine, procedures etc.)

  • The Prismaflex® System, Gambro

  • ​Idylla, Biocartis’ molecular diagnostics system, translation into Croatian

We translate for pharmaceutical companies, universities, medical device companies, hospitals and biotechnology companies.


Please find bellow some of our end-clients:​

​City Hospital of Nis, Faculty of Medicine Nis, Zimmer, LifeScan, Argon, Novo Nordisk, BDD, GE Healthcare, Covance, Pfizer, Becton Dickinson, Philips, Newport Medical

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