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Legal Translation

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Littera Sr specializes in high quality legal translation – translation of contracts, privacy policies, court documents and patent information for Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian and Montenegrin languages.

Our dedicated PMs and team of in-house translators have been working on highly demanding legal projects over the past 10 years. This includes an ongoing translation of Microsoft legal content, as well as agreements and policies for Apple, Canon, Nike, Wizzair, and other renowned companies. 

Just like for our other clients, you can trust Littera Sr to deliver your legal translation project with perfect quality and accuracy always on time.

What we offer
  • Prompt, professional legal translation services, by specialist legal translators.

  • Confidentiality, we will ensure the confidentiality of your documents

  • Dedicated account management - you will work directly with our PM who exclusively handles legal translations

  • Quality assurance process that ensures your legal translation is of the highest quality

We translate
  • ​Contracts and Agreements

  • Patent Applications

  • Court Documents

  • Privacy Policies and Use Rights

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